Her journey began when she founded BBCR Consulting, an organization dedicated to strategic clinical innovation, aiming to streamline the often convoluted processes of clinical trials.

Drawing from her extensive 25 years in biomedical research, Dr. Fratazzi introduced the SCIOTM concept, a revolutionary approach aimed at creating efficiencies in the intricate journey of bringing biotech products to market. Her vision and dedication actively drives ongoing innovation in clinical development, marking her as a trailblazer in the field.
Dr. Fratazzi’s impact extends far beyond her individual achievements; she has reshaped the landscape of rare diseases and orphan drug research through her strategic insights and unwavering commitment to progress. BBCR Consulting serves as a beacon of excellence, offering invaluable guidance to stakeholders navigating the complexities of clinical trials and regulatory pathways. Dr. Fratazzi’s visionary leadership continues to inspire countless researchers and industry professionals, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration aimed at advancing treatments for the most challenging medical conditions. Dr. Fratazzi is proud to be a pioneer in strategic clinical innovation and regulatory strategies and strives to continue to drive meaningful change within the healthcare ecosystem.

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Specializing in rare disease, Boston Biotech Clinical Research works with biotech, pharmaceutical, device companies and investors to streamline the clinical trial process. Our experienced team helps each client reach their specific goals by customizing a clinical and regulatory road map of simplified programs and streamlined protocols to meet our clients’ requirements.

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