Our Clients

Representative Clients

These companies and many others recognize that the costs of clinical trials are increasing, and an inadequate study may kill product development and seriously impact funding.

Patient recruitment competition is increasing for appropriate patients in geographically desirable areas and is a factor in trial success. Leading companies are working with the BBCR team to get ahead of these and other challenges. BBCR can help you to streamline trials, navigate the regulatory process, and decrease the time needed to get your drug or device to market.

Who We Serve

BBCR partners with small and medium sized drug and device biotechnology firms.

Our clients are clinical researchers and innovators looking for an efficient path to approval, and come to us from across the globe.  We also work with venture capitalists and investors who wish to partner with a clinical and regulatory expert as either a due diligence consultant or as a source of investment opportunities in biotech.

Small & Medium Sized Biotech Companies

  • Moving from pre-clinical into clinical trials
  • Looking for Chief Medical Officer support
  • Searching for biomarker strategy consultancy
  • Needing regulatory strategy consultancy
  • Preparing a pre-IND and/or IND submission

Venture Capitalists/Investors

  • Engaging in due diligence
  • Seeking an investment opportunity

Research, Pharma, or Biotech Companies

  • Rare Disease/Orphan Indication
  • Device/Combination product
  • Cell or Gene therapy develoment
  • Biosimilars
  • Repurposing Drugs

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